Leominster Festival 2010

Another year without The Minster College

For a second year, Leominster Festival had to manage without one of it's key venues - The Minster College. The main theatre in college by now has been demolished and the new Community Theatre in The Earl Mortimer College is not yet ready for use. However, we've heard positive comments concerning it and look forward to using it next year.

Until then, a busy year lugging the mobile lighting rig to various venues around the town and utilising the sound system at the Priory Church.

The Simon Deeley Jazz Trio

A easy swinging afternoon as this popular trio return to the Festival. A sell-out audience enjoyed the show and the delicious plougmans lunch offered in the interval.

The Lion Ballroom

Flanders & Swann Drop Another Hat
with Michael Bernstein and Colin Stevens

A homage to Michael Flanders and Donald Swann, those two great wits, composers and performers who were at the heart of '50s and '60s satire in the form of the theatrical revue.

The Priory Church

Lady Georgianna Ghostly Adventures

Fabulous costumes and an enjoyable and different evening of entertainment.

The Priory Church

An Evening with Michael Buerk

Informative and enlightening talk given to a packed audience - very enjoyable evening.

The Priory Church

Bold as Brass

with the Tarrington Brass Band

A slightly disappointing turnout for the audience - but a hugely enjoyable performance for those that made it.

The Priory Church

Ian Storey

Again, a disappointing turnout for this world class performer whose voice took full advantage of the wonderful accoustics in the Priory Church.

The Priory Church